Les Sims 4 : Nouvelle mise à jour du 25 Novembre 2019 ! + Notes de patch en Fr.

Les Sims 4 : Nouvelle mise à jour du 25 Novembre 2019 ! + Notes de patch en Fr.

Aujourd’hui 25 novembre, une nouvelle mise à jour du jeu gratuite Les Sims 4 PC: / Mac: Legacy Edition PC: / Legacy Edition Mac: est disponible via Origin.

Cette mise à jour de 190.50 Mo résout certains des problèmes les plus perturbants causés par le patch de l’extension À la fac. 

Nous pouvons lire les correctifs en anglais pour l’instant sur le forum officiel U.S.


Legacy Edition
An issue was introduced that prevented several languages from being able to properly run the legacy edition. This occurred due to the game client not reading its initialization file in the correct place, which is required in order to launch in the players chosen language. And as a result, the game would crash upon launch if English was not installed. We have fixed this issue. Please also be aware that any player that followed our instructions to perform a manual work around will not need to make any further changes after this patch.

Standard Edition – Base Game
An issue introduced with the last patch caused a Toddler’s needs to decay twice as fast. And as much fun as toddler motive juggling may be, it made it impossible to care for more than one toddler at a time, and could easily result in the toddler being removed from the household. We have addressed this issue, and returned toddlers to their normal needy selves.

We have addressed some crashes that were impacting mod users.

Discover University
Users, whose save files became corrupted after running into “error code 102:6ee24dd4” or “error code 109:1bfa931d”, should find the issue no longer occurring. This is a retroactive fix, and saves that were corrupted should once again be available to load.  »

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 Les notes de patch sont maintenant disponibles en français sur le site officiel des Sims 4.  

[Notes de patch en français]